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Cumbre Empresarial China-América Latina 2012 Hangzhou, China
sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012
Cumbre Empresarial China-América Latina 2012 Hangzhou, China: El Consejo Chino para el Fomento del Comercio Internacional (CCPIT), el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), el Banco Popular de China y el Gobierno Municipal de Hangzhou organizan la VI Cumbre Empresarial China-América Latina los días 17 y 18 de octubre de 2012.

Programa de la VI Cumbre Empresarial China-LAC

  • In an ever changing and increasingly competitive world, countries’ sustainable investment   strategies are based on prioritizing the human capital variable, thus leading to innovation and   industry upgrade. This panel will look at ways to improve the bilateral trading structure between   China and LAC countries’ to increase value-added and diversify investment relations 
  •  Equity investment platform for Latin America and the Caribbean The IDB and the Chinese Government are promoting the creation of an investment platform that will   pursue equity investments in Latin America and the Caribbean promoting sustainable economic     development in the region. The fund is a concrete way for the IDB to play a pivotal role in   boosting co-operation, trade and development with China, which became a member in 2009.
  • Adding Value to Bilateral Trade  As China and LAC are becoming more prosperous regions and wealth spreads rapidly, new tastes for   high value added goods and services such as high end tourism, garments and foods create a new and   growing market. At the same time, well recognized products and brands not only help marketing   efforts, but also add product value and enhance demand. This panel will analyze the challenges and   opportunities in order to increase and add value to the bilateral trade between both regions.
  • Financial Services and the Real Economy  The real economy requires well-functioning financial systems. The financial services provided in   China and LAC countries are still behind those in developed countries like North America and   Western Europe. In that sense, the two-way collaboration in the financial services’ sector between   China and LAC is essential in order to achieve greater trade and investment between both regions.
  • Smart Cities for Sustainable Development  Today, achieving sustainable development seems more feasible than ever thanks to new technologies   in infrastructure. Nowadays the concept of “infrastructure” is not only about water, electricity,   gas, railways, highways and air transport, but also comprises reliable broadband networks and other   telecommunication services. It proves key to help local governments to identify their critical   urban sustainability challenges, with special emphasis on environmental, urban, fiscal dimensions   and the innovative approaches in infrastructure: “Smart grids”, “green logistics,” and public-  private partnerships for infrastructure financing.
  • Natural Resources and Sustainable Economic Growth  Given the rising global population, growing demand for food and energy, and the fact that natural   ecosystems are being degraded at an unprecedented rate, China and LAC face both a challenge and a   comparative advantage in their bilateral trade and investment relations in this field. How is a   balance struck between present-day needs and conserving the natural resource endowment for future   generations?
  • Trade in Services: A New Frontier for China-LAC Trade and Investment There is an important role for Government and industry associations in enabling countries to   achieve integration into the global economy’s most dynamic sectors, such as the global services   sector.
  • Connecting China-LAC SMEs  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are engines of growth and job creation but also face numerous   challenges, including financing, marketing and human resources management.

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